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Djeco Nature Stacking Cubes

Small children love to stack toys and anything else they can get their little hands on so these stacking blocks will be loved by all.

Beautifully designed and full of lots of detail on each of the 5 cube faces.

These blocks can be used to teach many different things from colours, numbers, animals and patterns.

On one side you can stack the animals and look at the different animals going up the tree it features both jungle and farm animals, on another is numbers with the matching number of nature items to help learning to count to ten. On the top of each block is different shapes and patterns.

These blocks make a great educational toy and are so versatile, they stack inside each other and can be stored in the box that they come in.

The box measures 15 x 15 x 15cm and when fully stacked is 86cm high.

Age 12 months +

Made from thick strong cardboard.

Includes 10 different cubes.

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