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Brand: Tidlo
Product Code: T-0017
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Lovely wooden puzzle ideal for toddlers, helps to teach the names of common safari animals.

Chunky pieces ideal for tiny little hands. Each piece of the puzzle slots comfortably into place, and the picture of the animal is on the board to help children identify where to put the piece.

As each piece is chunky, they also stand freely on their own adding extra play value as they can use the characters away from the board.

Animals include an elephant, a giraffe, a lion and lots of other different animals!

Height: 1cm

Length: 30.5cm

Width: 22.5cm

Thickness of each piece: 1.5cm

Colourful Chunky pieces

Each Chunky piece is easy to handle

Helps to develop hand-eye co-ordination and shape matching skills

Pieces can stand alone for additional play value as well as being used for drawing templates

The board has each objects picture underneath the detachable pieces to aid toddlers


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