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Plum Surfside Sand & Water Wooden Picnic Table

One child wants to play with sand one wants to play with water, this table can help prevent the arguments over what to play with!

A multi use table that not only is ideal for outdoor eating but just remove the center piece and you have a sand and water table too.

Sail boats across the water then land them safely among the sandy shores.

The Wooden Sand and Water Table converts easily into a children’s picnic bench by replacing the wooden lid.

Recommended for ages 18 months and above.

Made from premium FSC sourced timber.

Small footprint in your garden buts lots of fun!

What's included?

Wooden sand and water bench with lid, made from FSC certified wood.

Sand and water liners.

 Assembled size: L 105 x W 89 x H 49 cm

 Internal dimensions sand area: W0.376 x W0.322 x H0.085m

Internal dimensions water area: W0.376 x W0.322 x H0.085m

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