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Kidkraft Greenville Garden Station

With this new and unique product you can have an adventure in your own backyard with the perfectly sized Greenville Garden Station.

With helpful accessories such as a spade, mini-rake and shovel, lots of storage and planters, this wooden stand helps teach kids the wonders of gardening.

Learning to appreciate nature is an important part of childhood, and this planting station allows kids to explore the world of gardening.

The Greenville Garden Station comes with extra shelving for storage and a sink area for real planting, and all the features make an ideal space for kids' gardening adventures.

Features Include:

Size 103.12 x 44.96 x 98.04

  • 3 planter containers
  • Display shelf for plants
  • Planting area cover
  • 2 shelves to store planting supplies
  • 7 accessories included
  • Sink area for real planting

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