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Baghera Pink Ride On Speedster

A sleek design, aerodynamic design and a metallic Pink body! The ultimate for leaner drivers!

Comfortably seated on this Pink Speedster, well stable and robust, hands on the wheel, feet on the ground, your child will quickly become a master of the wheel!

This Pink ride-on is equipped with a real functional steering.

Children will quickly get they bearings on this new car and the rubber tires will help them stay stable and move silently around the house. With its metal bodywork, this car is inspired by the old cars of the 1950s. Equipped with such a car, the little drivers will be able to imagine beautiful stories and go on an adventure.

This Baghera Pink Speedster Baby Ride-one allows the child to find they marks quickly and move easily. The child will instinctively understand how to move forward and turn. This will help them develop they balance and motor skills. As soon as the child stands up, he or she can use the ride on car safely. The carrier is perfectly designed for the morphology of a baby from one year old.

Size 75cm x 25cm x 37cm

Made from Metal

Age 1+

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