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Kidkraft Let's Pretend™ Pet Doctor Pop-Up

Almost everyone has a pet and from time to time they do need to see the animal doctor as we like to call them.

Time for a vet checkup at the KidKraft Let’s Pretend™ Pet Doctor Pop-Up.

Pets and owners alike will give this easy-to-set-up role-playing destination two paws up. From receptionist to doctor and even groomer, every aspect of a trip to the vets is covered.

There are so many opportunities for role playing and creating imaginative stories for children by themselves or with family and friends. With built-in storage compartments and shelves, play is contained and tidy. When playtime is over, simply fold the sides in toward the middle for a flattened design that stows out of the way.

All kids will love visiting the Pet Doctor Pop-Up for many make believe checkups for their furry friends.

Features Include:

  • Unique foldout design with six sides to maximize play with limited space.
  • Faucet, soap, tongue depressor and reflex hammer all have hook and loop fasteners to stick to spots on walls for easy access and storage.
  • Areas include exam room, front desk, waiting room, reception, grooming and daycare.
  • Complete with 18 play pieces including X-rays, bowls, dog bones, cans, syringe, thermometer, bandage, medical tools, adoption papers and more!
  • Size 88.49 x 70.0 x 123.8.

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