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Jungle Gym Farm Wooden Climbing Frame
Large wooden climbing frame this Jungle Gym Farm center is an ideal play area for children with lots of energy!
An impressive, rustic approach to wooden playhouses, featuring a characteristic roof and curved slide.
This play tower provides a combination of fun, challenges and discovery. Jungle Farm offers standing room of over 160 cm, features two levels, and is accessible via a ladder or climbing wall.
The surrounding fields can be surveyed thanks to the included PeekOscope includes sand box, hand grips, ground anchors and more.
Add modules for extra fun! More than one module can be added to the Jungle Barn
Any single module can be added or you can have any of the following combinations; Please check the playground planner at for the exact combinations of the modules allowed with the tower
Tower+climb+swing+play house
Tower+play house + swing or climb
Tower+play house + bridge + swing or climb
Tower+play house + bridge + swing + climb
Tower+play house + balcony + swing or climb
Tower+play house + mini market + swing or climb
Users 12
Number of platforms 2
Included features Climbing Wall, PeekOscope™, Ladder, Sandbox, Ground Anchors x 4, Handgrips x 8, Bumper Pad™ x 2, Jungle Flag™, Slide Short, Instruction manual, Toolset, Hardware & Bolt Caps, Sandpad & Leveller, Metal brackets, Safety Ball, Logo ID, Cat Stop™, Ground Cover, Jungling Cards™
Slide length Short
Sizes lxwxh (incl. slide) 355 x 149 x 314 cm
Sizes lxwxh (excl. slide) 180 x 149 x 314 cm
Required area 716 x 469 x 314 cm
Size slide platform lxwxh 90 x 140 x 125 cm
Size extra platform lxwxh 80 x 140 x 145 cm
Timber package size lxwxh 240 x 32 x 50 cm
Timber package weight 225,68 kg
Assembly time 2 persons (hours) 10
Module 1-Swing Module (X'tra)
2-Swing Module (X'tra)
Climb Module (X'tra)
Bridge Module
Playhouse Module 125 cm
Balcony Module
Mini Market Module 
Mini Picnic Module 160 cm
Bridge Link
Net Link
Type of surface Place the playset on an unpaved steady surface, such as grass or a solid layer of sand. The safe play area refers to a zone extending 200 cm beyond the play set on all sides and should have a shock absorbing ground cover such as Grass or minimum depth of 50 cm (uncompressed) of Double shredded bark mulch / Uniform wood chips / Fine gravel / Fine sand.
Care instructions To ensure the safety of the users of the play set, the play set has to be subjected to the safety inspections described in the manual once at the beginning of each season and further twice monthly during the usage season.
Material information High quality, especially designed for children. We always use materials and finishes that are soft for the hands, provide maximum grip, and apply to the strictest health and safety requirements. With rounded edges and corners, weatherproof and UV-resistant.
Manufacturer Jungle Gym B.V.
Warranty 2 Years
Warnings Only for domestic use. Only for outdoor use. Maximum user weight is 50 kg. Not suitable for children under three years. Suitable for children from three to ten years. Maximum number of users is 12.

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