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Kidkraft Amelia Dollhouse
Kidkraft Amelia Dollhouse Our Amelia Dollhouse is our most popular selling dollhouse. Girls will have fun moving their dolls into this house, which fits full sized barbie dolls and young girls are ..
Kidkraft Everyday Heroes wooden Play set
Kidkraft Everyday Heros Playset This detailed play set lets kids imagine themselves as real-life heroes, answering urgent calls and keeping people safe 3 floors and 12 rooms of open space for..
Kidkraft Lil Doll Cradle
KidKrafts Lil Doll Cradle This rocking cot is the perfect resting place for every little girls baby. Part of the Lil Doll range of baby doll toy furniture. Scalloped trim and filigree cutouts ..
Kidkraft Lil Doll High Chair
KidKraft Lil Doll High Chair This is the perfect place to put your baby doll when its feeding time. A good quality product even little girls can sit in these without worry it will break. Plus..
Kidkraft Magnolia Mansion
Kidkraft Magnolia Mansion Another fab dollhouse from Kidkraft, this one is more traditional then some of the others featuring elegant deco and more traditional pieces of furniture. Features 3 in..
Kidkraft My Dream Mansion
Kidkraft My Dream Mansion makes playtime more realistic than ever before. Girls will adore the colorful rooms now their favorite dolls can live in style. This adorable dollhouse was built to las..
Kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse
The Savannah Dollhouse is one of our most elegant dollhouses to date and full of traditional features. This gorgeous house is sure to provide girls with hours of fun and imaginative play. Four..
Disney® Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse
Disney® Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams DollhouseKidkraft have teamed up with Disney to make this stunning Cinderella castle dollhouse.This castle is sure to put a smile on any little girls face, lot..
Kidkraft Abby Manor Dollhouse
Kidkraft Abby Manor DollhouseKidKraft Abbey Manor is a new way to play. This clever Victorian dollhouse uses a double-hinged design to open up for imaginative fun, or fold away for convenience.Age Ran..
Kidkraft Alina Dollhouse
Kidkraft Alina DollhouseThe KidKraft Alina Dollhouse is airy and bright. The farmhouse-style design is built up, not out, to maximize function and fun. Store accessories in the hidden compartment ..
Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse
Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse Pretty Pinks and Pastel colours perfect for the little princess in your life, little girls will adore this Kidkraft dollhouse. Includes all the furniture that you ne..
Kidkraft Ava Dollhouse
Kidkraft Ava DollhouseCapture imaginations and spark curiosity with the dreamy Ava Dollhouse. This spacious dollhouse offers three levels of play for dolls up to 12 inches.Age Range: 3+Spacious, sturd..
Kidkraft Bella Dollhouse
Kidkraft Bella DollhouseThe four-foot-tall KidKraft Bella Dollhouse offers three levels, five rooms and a second-floor balcony to discover. With a gliding elevator connecting the second and third floo..
Kidkraft Bianca City Life Dollhouse
Kidkraft Bianca City Life DollhouseA place for dolls to live, work and play—this skyscraper-inspired four-story Bianca City Life Dollhouse from Kidkraft expands the fun upward, thereby taking up less ..
Kidkraft Brooklyn's Loft Dollhouse
Kidkraft Brooklyn's Loft DollhouseAnother fantastic and fun dollhouse from Kidkraft this is sure to delight any child that receives it.Bring uptown charm to classic playtime with the KidKraft Brooklyn..
Kidkraft Camila Mansion Dollhouse
Kidkraft Camila Mansion DollhouseWelcome home to elegance and opulence with the KidKraft Camila Mansion Dollhouse. Designed to reflect a cultured, exotic and festive lifestyle, this house is sure to e..
Kidkraft Caucasian Doll Family
Kidkraft Caucasian Doll FamilyThe perfect doll family to complete any doll house, you can bend and pose them to make them look at home in any dollhouse.The doll family includes mum, dad, three childre..
Kidkraft Celeste Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™
Kidkraft Celeste Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™Bring make believe to life with the Celeste Mansion Dollhouse from KidKraft. A dreamy house for 12-inch dolls, this enormous home features fou..
Kidkraft Charlie Dollhouse
Kidkraft Charlie DollhousePerfect for dolls and figures under 17cm/7", the KidKraft Charlie Dollhouse boasts plenty of space. The furniture does double duty as storage too. The bed, stove, chair a..
Kidkraft Charlotte Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly ™
Kidkraft Charlotte Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly ™Spark big, imaginative dreams with the sweet and classic KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly ™. Standing over four feet tall wi..
Kidkraft Chelsea Doll Cottage
Kidkraft Chelsea Doll Cottage A perfect and beautiful wooden dollhouse, unlike other Kidkraft dollhouses this one is made for mini dolls and will be perfect for smaller children. Featuring lovel..
Kidkraft Country Estate Dollhouse
Kidkraft Country Estate DollhouseHow amazing is this dollhouse?It will most definitely delight any young child and it is huge! Packed full of features and built to last this is the only dollhouse you ..
Kidkraft Dahlia Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™
Kidkraft Dahlia Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™Fascinate curious kids with hours of imaginative play with the KidKraft Dahlia Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™! Standing over four fe..
Kidkraft Designed by Me™: Magnetic Makeover Dollhouse
Kidkraft Designed by Me™: Magnetic Makeover DollhouseWe all like to change our decor and now with this dollhouse you can change it as often as you want.Kids can put their personalized decorating touch..
Kidkraft Dollhouse Cottage Bookcase
Kidkraft Dollhouse Cottage BookcaseThe perfect piece of furniture to finish off any little girls room, much better then your standard plain bookcases.This dollhouse cottage bookcase is designed to mat..
Kidkraft Dottie Dollhouse
Kidkraft Dottie DollhouseKids are going to love being the boss of the house when they play with the charming and trendy KidKraft Dottie Dollhouse. Standing nearly four feet tall with three spacious le..
Kidkraft Elegant Dollhouse fits 46cm Dolls
Kidkraft Elegant Dollhouse  This is a whopper of a Dollhouse, it isn't big it is huge! This is the first dollhouse that we have that fits dolls up to a massive 46 cm long. If you can fit..
Kidkraft Elise Dollhouse
Kidkraft Elise DollhouseAnother new house from Kidkraft and one that is more simplistic and less cluttered then some of the other dollhouses.Imagination comes to life in this cheerfully designed Elise..
Kidkraft Emily Dollhouse
Kidkraft Emily DollhouseYou just can't help but feel happy when you see this cheery dollhouse. The KidKraft Emily Dollhouse is filled with sunny colors, modern furniture and airy windows and doors. No..
Kidkraft Enchanted Greenhouse Castle with EZ Kraft Assembly™
Kidkraft Enchanted Greenhouse Castle with EZ Kraft Assembly™Part wonder, part luxe, all imaginative fun—dreams will come alive in this architecturally alluring Enchanted Greenhouse Castle by KidKraf..
Kidkraft Grand View Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™
Kidkraft Grand View Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™If your looking for a dollhouse that will last and your child can use for many years then this house is perfect for you, it is huge and alt..
Kidkraft Hallie Dollhouse
Kidkraft Hallie DollhouseLooking for a haven for 12 inch dolls? We have the perfect craftsman charmer—the Hallie Dollhouse from KidKraft! It's packed with play and perfect for spaces big and small..
Kidkraft Hazel Dollhouse
Kidkraft Hazel DollhouseThere's no shortage of play space with the KidKraft Hazel Dollhouse that features rooms and décor all the way around. Friends can play simultaneously on either side of this mod..
Kidkraft Juliette Dollhouse
Kidkraft Juliette DollhouseOur KidKraft Juliette dollhouse is a modern refresh of a traditional-sized dollhouse. Standing over four feet tall and featuring three levels of play, this house offers ..
Kidkraft Kayla Dollhouse
Kidkraft Kayla Wooden Dollhouse Large wooden dollhouse perfect for little girls who love to play with barbie dolls. Comes complete with 10 pieces of furniture and fits modern dolls up to 30cm. ..
Kidkraft Kaylee Dollhouse
Kidkraft Kaylee Dollhouse A cute classic themed dollhouse featuring a 4 poster bed, a picket fence on the outdoor patio area and a lovely set of white stairs with lattice cutout detail. There is..
Kidkraft Lola Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™
Kidkraft Lola Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™Fascinate curious kids with hours of imaginative play with the KidKraft Lola Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™! Standing over four feet t..
Kidkraft Lolly Dollhouse
Kidkraft Lolly DollhouseThe KidKraft Lolly Dollhouse is hip and fun—just like the kids who play with it. Its bright, cheerful color scheme definitely gets it noticed. Geometric graphic patterns ar..
Kidkraft Magical Dreams Castle Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™
Kidkraft Magical Dreams Castle Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™Fantasies come to life for Barbie sized dolls in the Magical Dreams Castle Dollhouse from KidKraft! Full of dreamy details, this dollh..
Kidkraft Majestic Mansion
Kidkraft Majestic Mansion A huge wooden dollhouse the Kidkraft Majestic Mansion is every little girls dream. Big enough to house all their dolls and room for more then one child to play with at..
KidKraft Marlow Dollhouse
KidKraft Marlow DollhouseHip and fun, the KidKraft Marlow Dollhouse is ready to delight kids for hours of make believe. With three floors and a collection of colorful modern furniture, this house has ..
Kidkraft Matilda Dollhouse
Kidkraft Matilda Dollhouse Take the farmhouse trend to a new level with the gorgeous and classic KidKraft Matilda Dollhouse. Featuring 3 floors, a bathtub, pretty pink details and stylish furnitu..
Kidkraft My Dreamy Dollhouse
Kidkraft My Dreamy DollhousePlaying house has never been so fun. With the four-foot KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse, kids have four rooms to decorate, with a gliding elevator that spans all three floors...
Kidkraft Penelope Dollhouse
Kidkraft Penelope DollhouseAny little girl will love this cute and girly dollhouse, 3 floors and 4 rooms plus a lovely curved staircase.Beautiful artwork that gives the house a classic feel.Complete w..
Kidkraft Poppy Wooden Dollhouse
Kidkraft Poppy Wooden DollhouseSpark big dreams with the delightful KidKraft Poppy Dollhouse! This almost four-foot-tall dollhouse packs in lots of play without taking up too much floor space. Thr..
Kidkraft Princess Castle with Furniture
Kidkraft Princess Castle with FurnitureEvery little girl wants to be a princess and now they can have their very own princess castle from Kidkraft.A lovely wooden castle with pretty pink details, fold..
Kidkraft Rose Garden Castle with EZ Kraft Assembly™
Kidkraft Rose Garden Castle with EZ Kraft Assembly™Fit for a princess with magical features, the KidKraft Rose Garden Castle heralds a beautiful world of pretend play. Fantasy elements include a w..
Kidkraft Rowan Dollhouse
Kidkraft Rowan DollhouseKidKraft's Rowan Dollhouse is a terraced row-style design that's made for discovering, exploring and creating bigger worlds of play. Townhome-look exterior and steep stairs..
Kidkraft Set of Professional Dolls
Kidkraft Set of Professional DollsEvery child loves to play with dolls and now with this set they act out lots of different scenes from the hospital to a building site.The KidKraft Professionals Doll ..
Kidkraft Shimmer Dollhouse
Kidkraft Shimmer DollhouseThe KidKraft Shimmer Mansion is the perfect place for young imaginations to weave their own stories. The bright, four-level dollhouse stands over five feet tall and is richly..
Kidkraft So Chic Dollhouse
Kidkraft So Chic DollhouseA large open plan wooden dollhouse that can be played at from all four sides making it ideal for nurseries and play groups that need something that more then one child can pl..
Kidkraft So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™
Kidkraft So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™Spark big, imaginative dreams with the chic and retro KidKraft So Stylish Mansion with EZ Kraft Assembly™! Standing almost four feet tall a..
Kidkraft Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse
Kidkraft Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse A fantastic and very pink large wooden dollhouse from Kidkraft, this is huge and has not only a lift and garage but also a pool at the front! Featuring curved ..
Kidkraft Sweet Savannah Wooden Dollhouse
Kidkraft Sweet Savannah Wooden DollhouseThis dollhouse is a cute classic girly house with flowers and traditional features including a rocking chair on the porch!If traditional design is what you are ..
Kidkraft Teeny House Dollhouse
Kidkraft Teeny House DollhouseKids will spend endless hours of imaginative play with our KidKraft Teeny House Dollhouse with pull-along hitch. This one-of-a-kind product is inspired by the adorabl..
Kidkraft Treehouse Retreat Mansion with EZ Kraft Assembly™
Kidkraft Treehouse Retreat Mansion with EZ Kraft Assembly™ Children are going to love this fantastic dollhouse from Kidkraft,  the KidKraft Treehouse ..
Kidkraft Uptown Dollhouse
Kidkraft Uptown Dollhouse How fab is this dollhouse? Where to start? It is a big dollhouse so you will want to make sure you have plenty of room for it, this toy will not fit under the bed..
Kidkraft Viviana Dollhouse
Kidkraft Viviana DollhouseBright and energetic KidKraft Viviana Dollhouse is a welcome retreat for 30cm/12-inch dolls. They'll enjoy the breeze from the wraparound verandah on the lower level or f..
Kidkraft Zoey Dollhouse
Kidkraft Zoey DollhouseExcite big imaginations and spark big dreams with the KidKraft Zoey Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™! Standing over four feet tall and featuring three levels of play, this ..
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