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It isn't just little girls who like to dress up boys are pretty good at it too and here you will find something to suit even the fussiest of boys. Excellent quality costumes full of fantastic detail we stock Dinosaur costumes, alien outfits, brave knights, fearless gladiator costume and a cheeky monkey.

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Alien Bug costume
Alien Bug Costume This costume from Dress Up By Design is ideal for any child wishing to dress up like a bug or alien. Consists of 3 parts, the hat with big eyes and curling scary tenticles. ..
Baby Monkey Costume
Baby Monkey Costume A cute and cuddly Monkey costume perfect for monkeying around in. Any small child will look adorable and so cute in this Monkey costume which is perfect for any fancy dress p..
Pirate Captain outfit
Pirate Captain Costume A smart and original outfit, a bit different then the standard Pirate costumes, why be a standard Pirate when you can be the Captain of the ship. Shout and give out orders..
Pirate Costume with Peg Leg
Pirate Costume with Peg Leg Fancy something a little different to the standard red and white pirate costumes then this outfit is for you.  All boys love playing pirates and running around w..
Roman Gladiator Costume
Roman Gladiator Costume Another fantastic costume from Dress Up By Design, this gladiator costumes consists of a bronze and brown tunic with shoulder pads and a padded emblem and black trousers wit..
Tiger Fancy Dress Costume
Tiger Fancy Dress Costume Roar Roar, what a cute tiger! The perfect costume for where a tiger is needed or for a animal themed fancy dress party. This plush costume features a zip fastening a..
Triceratops Dinosaur outfit
Triceratops Dinosaur Costume A fantastic Dinosaur costume from Dress Up By Design, this will be a favorite for all children. ROAR ROAR oh no what is that coming its a big Triceratops! This pl..
Viking Complete Costume
Viking Complete Costume This is a fabulous costume and comes complete with everything you need to be a big strong Viking. The black and brown tunic top has a emblem in the center, the sleeves&nb..
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