Find soft bodied dolls here many ideal from birth and making perfect my first birthday presents.

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Anisa Pirate Rag Doll
Anisa Pirate Rag DollAh me Hearties, Shiver me timbers. Ahoy Rag Doll Pirate ! Pirate is a fun and exciting character, who will no doubt cause chaos and mayhem to any household. But he has a heart..
Bonikka Blu-Belle Rag Doll
Bonikka Blu-Belle Rag DollRag dolls make ideal gifts for young children who can carry them around everywhere and cherish them forever.Blu-Belle is all ready for those days when Autumn turns to Winte..
Bonikka Bunny Rabbit Rag Doll
Bonikka Bunny Rabbit Rag DollThis bunny rag doll type soft toy is sure to delight any child that receives her she is quite adorable and looks stunning.She is sure to be cherished and loved forever.Sof..
Bonikka Ella Rag Doll
Bonikka Ella Rag DollRag Doll Ella is a soft doll and being suitable from birth makes an ideal gift for any new born. Ella the rag doll prefers warmer weather to her best friend Maddy. Wearing a pin..
Bonikka Emily-Rose Rag Doll
Bonikka Emily-Rose Rag DollRag dolls make ideal baby shower gifts and 1st birthday presents being suitable from birth, children will cherish their super cute rag doll.Emily-Rose is a soft rag doll who..
Bonikka Florence Rag Doll
Bonikka Florence Rag DollRag dolls make ideal gifts for small children and they are suitable from birth, these can be carried around and taken everywhere you go. A doll to be cherished forever.Florenc..
Bonikka Little Joe Rag Doll
Bonikka Little Joe Rag DollMeet Little Joe, he’s our adorable and cheeky boy rag doll, Little Joe can cause chaos but he is well meaning. He just enjoys the fun side of life. His outfit makes him lo..
Bonikka Maddy Rag Doll
Bonikka Maddy Rag DollRag Doll Maddy is a soft doll and being suitable from birth makes an ideal gift for any new born. Maddy the rag doll wears a stunning yellow tartan dress. Her warm furry boots ..
Bonikka Ruby-Ann Rag Doll
Bonikka Ruby-Ann Rag DollRuby-Ann is another of our gorgeous rag dolls who loves the Spring weather. Becoming warmer and brighter, it’s time to play outside. Her simple but stylish dress is set of..
Bonikka Whitney Rag Doll
Bonikka Whitney Rag DollRag Doll Whitney is a soft doll for everyone and being suitable from birth makes an ideal gift for any new born. Whitney wears pretty Autumn leaf pattern cotton dress and chi..
Djeco Doll Family Thomas and Marion
Djeco Doll Family Thomas and MarionNo dollhouse will be complete without a family to live in it.This family of 4 includes mum, dad, son and daughter, a complete family ready to move in to your new dol..
Kidkraft Caucasian Doll Family
Kidkraft Caucasian Doll FamilyThe perfect doll family to complete any doll house, you can bend and pose them to make them look at home in any dollhouse.The doll family includes mum, dad, three childre..
Orange Tree Toys Rabbit Doll
Orange Tree Toys Rabbit DollThis cute Rabbit doll is one of three princesses, complete with a twinkling golden crown and shoes to match! Made from calico, with a pink cotton lining to her big flop..
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