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Bullyland Disney Frozen Elsa

Frozen was the biggest movie release of the year for children and now they can act out the full story with the collection of Frozen figurines.

Frozen is a story about 2 princesses one of which has the ability to freeze things and make snow and accidentally traps her kingdom in an eternal winter.

Her Sister Anna sets of with the help of Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven to find Elsa and make her see that she is not evil and can live in the kingdom and be accepted with her magical powers. However there are people who do not want her to return and set out to capture her.

Follow this epic journey with all the favorite characters from the film including Anna, Elisa, Olaf the entertaining snowman, Kristoff, Sven and more.

Each figure is available separately and are all beautifully recreated and painted by hand.

Also make ideal cake toppers.

Size W 5 H 10.4 L 8.5 cm

Age 3+

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