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Baghera Speedster Plane Ride On

This Plane ride-on is equipped with real functional steering.

Baby will quickly find their feet with this new plane and the rubber tyres will help to keep them stable and move quietly around the house.

Old planes are the inspiration for this ride-on with its grey metal bodywork and its brown wings.

Aboard this aircraft, babies will be able to make up exciting stories!

This baby plane is designed in France and is made from metal. It is therefore very robust and will accompany the child on all their young driver adventures.

Its large wheels are mounted with rubber tyres that enable this Baghera walker to be driven quietly on any type of ground (house, tarmac, gravel and grass, etc.).

With the stickers that are delivered with it, you can customise this plane with the flags of various countries, such as France, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Europe and Britain.

Size 75cm x 45cm x 37cm

Age 1-3 years

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